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Garland Turbine Ventilator Installation

Improving Ventilation Extends Your Roof Life

Adequate ventilation is essential to get the maximum life from your roof. When attic ventilation is not sufficient, it can result in ice dams in winter and lead to mold growth in the summer. Peacock Roofing, LLC can help you control the temperature in the attic, reduce home heating and cooling costs, and protect your roof with a turbine ventilator in Garland.

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What Is A Roof Turbine Vent

A roof turbine vent, also known as a turbine ventilator, is a vent that is installed at the very top of your home's roof. It is a passive ventilation system that does not use energy and works with wind power. The vent's vanes spin with the breeze and work to draw humidity out of your attic. What is great about turbine vents is that they are able to work with the slightest bit of breeze, and the windier it is, the more they will work to make your attic as cool as can be. They are a great alternative to home fans since they essentially work to naturally cool your attic for free. Roof turbine vents are also especially easy to maintain, and do not need extensive preventative maintenance. Install a roof vent and welcome improved attic and home ventilation, as well as a greater roof life-span.

How A Turbine Ventilator Works

A roof turbine vent is installed to provide cool airflow into the attic. As the wind blows, the vanes in the turbine spin and create suction that pulls hot air from the attic. This lowers the attic temperature, eliminates humid air, and protects shingles from damage caused by excessive heat.

Reasons to Install a Turbine Ventilator

A Turbine Ventilator Offers Several Unique Advantages:

  • Lower attic temperatures help reduce home cooling costs
  • Wind power operates the turbine, so it is energy efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Removes humidity from the attic to prevent mold growth
  • Protects the roof shingles from damage caused by excessive heat
  • Deflects rain and prevents water from entering the attic during a rainstorm

Professional Turbine Ventilator Installation Is Just A Phone Call Away

In order for turbine ventilators to work correctly, they must be properly installed. We use quality materials and proven methods to ensure that the roof turbine installation is effective and provides the protection you need. Our Garland turbine ventilator technicians make sure the turbine is properly sealed to ensure that water cannot enter your attic through any openings made in the roof during the installation of the turbine.

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